Selected Client Testimonials

The CRUK Cambridge Institute implemented Stratocore in 2016 across our 14 core facilities. The solution has proved absolutely revolutionary in terms of reducing the administrative burden of running our facilities, significantly improving the speed and accuracy of our monthly invoicing. Core facility users have reported that Stratocore is both intuitive and user-friendly. We have been really impressed with the solution and excellent level of on-going support provided by the Stratocore team.Jane Gray, Ph.D., Head of Research Instrumentation Core Facility, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge

Stratocore is a great booking system that provides all the functionality a core facility needs, from real-time usage tracking to cancellation notifications. We are pleased with the support Stratocore has provided and their flexibility in modifying the software to our needs. The solution has been a great resource for our core management needs. The software is very user friendly, and the invoicing feature greatly reduces the amount of time I spend creating and sending invoices to our investigators. The staff at Stratocore are very professional; they take time to listen to your needs, and if there is an issue, they take immediate action to resolve any problems.Stacy Heilman, Ph.D., Director for Pediatric Research Operations, Emory University & Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Stratocore has been a fantastic addition to our facility. It has greatly simplified our real-time usage tracking and billing process and saves us hours each month. The project, incident, and training management features also get a good workout in our facility and have proven extremely valuable. I can't say enough good things about the Stratocore team. Their support is outstanding, and I really appreciate the fact they have directly worked (and continue to work) in core facilities and understand first-hand the challenges and nuances of the job.Adrian Smith, Ph.D., Technical Director, Advanced Cytometry Facility, Centenary Institute, University of Sydney

We have found Stratocore to be invaluable in so many areas of operation. From a user perspective, it’s beautifully simple to book or cancel equipment time or to order services, and it’s easy to keep users informed of maintenance issues. The system is just so customizable. You can define precise booking rules that help maximize equipment availability and keep your researchers happy. Most of all, you’ll love the invoicing capability of the system. What used to take hours and was a less-than-enjoyable aspect of the job now takes minutes. Stratocore has revolutionized the management of our facility. I’d be lost without it.Jackie Deans, Ph.D., Facilities Manager, University of Birmingham

Stratocore is a wonderful platform to manage core facilities. The interface is very clear and simple for operators as well as for administrators. Stratocore meets all our requirements for a booking system dealing with more than 200 users and various equipment. The ability to gather detailed information on a wide range of statistics, such as usage time and cancelled time, users, groups, incidents, and maintenance, simplifies the administration and also helps to better support the users and the equipment.Jin Won (Maria) Seo, Materials Engineering, KU Leuven 

Stratocore is able to optimize and personalize the tools I needed to run my facility better. Today, what used to take me hours, is accomplished in a few mouse clicks. Not only me, but all of my users love the fact that it is so easy to use, especially because it makes booking, requesting services, billing, and reporting cycles easy, transparent, and never a burden. The system for setting pricing rules is simply amazing. Unlimited rules interact and are recorded with a full history that allows following the evolution of pricing policy and cost recovery. This testimonial wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Stratocore’s support and development team. Their expertise extends far beyond the software, and they are always available.Nicolas Loof, Research Shared Facilities Manager, Children’s Medical Center Research Institute, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The ability of the facility managers, administration, research groups, and the director to access costs and equipment usage is essential, and the Stratocore solution allows us to have at-hand the strategic tools to manage research costs, equipment, maintenance contracts, and staffing provision. For facilities that implement a charging structure, full access to facility costs can be granted to the group heads to aid transparency and demonstrate suitable charging structures.Steve Bagley, Ph.D., Head of Imaging & Flow Cytometry, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, University of Manchester

The University of Sydney implemented Stratocore across multiple core facilities, greatly improving operational efficiencies and user experience. All members of the Stratocore team were a pleasure to work with and able to effectively address any implementation issues, including specialised development work in a timely fashion. Their professionalism, support, and passion for their product shone through to deliver us a very successful outcome.Stuart Crutchfield, Senior Project Manager, IT Infrastructure, University of Sydney